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Picture Instruments Fast Resize v.1.0.4. for Mac - Batch Scaling Images

by Picture Instruments

  • Simply drag a few images or even an entire folder containing many images onto the program icon and the folder containing the resized images will open automatically. After that you could easily drag your images onto an email client. Scaling your images with Fast Resizes default settings will easily allow you to send up to 20 of these images in one email with most service providers.
  • You can select a fixed output size in pixels or in percent of the original size. The JPEG compression factor can manually be set between 0 and 100% quality. In addition you can also add an individual file name extension, which will be added to each scaled image. 
  • In addition to a random character string you can also add various attributes of the scaled image in angle brackets. for example represents the length of the long edge of the image in pixels. The string x would add the extension x1500 to an image with the size of 1000x1500 pixels. You can find all available attributes in the help section in Fast Resize.
  • Technical requirements: Windows XP or newer.

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Meet the Developer

We are a software company from Germany.

Our great passion for photography and all of its technology is our motivation. In our daily work with images and while experimenting with new techniques and workflow methods we get inspired to walk new paths that often directly influence the concepts and algorithms of our software-products. 

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